IPTMan Delegate Platform


Missed IP CC’s in October. Could not be helped.

Proposal 39 September Delegate Program Expenses - supported.
Proposal 40 Add wOETH to Mainnet IP instance - supported (caps reasonably low and if we get any usage it would be a plus for the protocol)
Proposal 41 October Delegate Program Expenses - missed this before it closed. Not sure there was a timely notification.
Proposal 42 October Delegate Program Expenses - supported

General comments for the month.

Hoping @Getty and dev team can implement Velodrome v2 LP as collateral (including ability to stake these in either Velodrome, Yearn, etc.) working. I am also still waiting to see IPT whitelisted on Optimism bridge and on Velodrome for gauge emissions. Once we get these tasks accomplished governance can think about bribing for LP on Optimism. Perhaps we can get some trading going, some moderate rewards up, and bootstrap some IPT:USDC liquidity on Velodrome/optimism and IP. Unless someone else has a better plan to get IP some traction in the space. I will keep asking about this. I also think if this gets done a IP port to base might be worthwhile since base has the focus of Coinbase. We could also think about whether to go USDC (native) or USDbC (bridged) carefully. Guess is we should go with USDC, but honestly I don’t see a massive shift of USDbC rewards to USDC on base yet.


Attended 20231129_1500UTC CC

I keep pushing for IP devs and even GFX to contact Optimism so IPT can be added to Optimistic bridge and IPT added to Velodrome so we can get whitelisted for staking rewards.

Someone else suggested going for OP rewards but ultimately the question is what to use them for. Just giving people OP for borrowing USDi isn’t really going to be long term sustainable. We need to get IPT:USDC Velodrome pair listed and then incentivized, getting OP matching rewards here will help us rebuild IPT market cap so IPT rewards actually have some real $$ value. Until then IPT rewards won’t really do much and unless governance/GFX get serious about IP in terms of being consistent about PR, development, and marketing/partnerships it will continue to be one of the least known about and least used DeFI project in the space.