IP Development projects and prioritization: A general governance/community discussion

Today in the CC there was some discussion of putting together a governance proposal to signal to GFX devs (limited development manpower) what things we would like to see prioritized.

So last few proposals that added functionality or collateral to the protocol was

BIP 40 add oWETH and
BIP 36 add RPL and
BIP 33 add SNX to Optimism deployment
BIP 32 add MKR to Ethereum deployment
BIP 29 add Balancer/Aura to Ethereum deployment

While technical work (BIP 29) was done to add balancer Aura we have seen no use of this particular vault.

The above is what has been ‘done’ within the protocol in the past 6 months, which also includes a IP launch on Optimism.

Here is what I have as a list that is either being worked on, or looked at.

  1. addition of Uniswap v3 assets as collateral
  2. multistable reserve (not at all clear how this would work, we have no information on how devs see this working).

Things I have been trying to get devs to work on.

  1. Communicating with Optimism devs to get Ethereum IPT bridged to Optimism and whitelisted on Optimism bridge.
  2. Getting IPT token whitelisted for staking rewards/bribing etc. on Velodrome (need 3 first)
  3. Adding Uniswap v2 type LP assets as collateral type, and like Balancer/Aura allowing depositers to stake their LP within their vaults to earn staking returns (as staking returns both on yearn and velodrome are quite high)

I keep bringing up 3-5 because if Uniswap v2 type assets are added to IP this gives us access to Uniswap LPs as collateral both on Ethereum and Optimism, but it also gives us access to Velodrome LPs as collateral. I believe (1) is hard, and (2) is hard and I have seen no concrete details.

  1. Start adding low cap coins to IP with conservative LTV, Fees, etc. Examples: VELO, EXTRA, SONNE, (others?!) but we are going to need oracles for any of those.
  2. Launch IP on another protocol (Arbitrum, Base, ?)

One of the biggest problems is that we don’t know how hard some of these are (we need GFX/devs to comment) but if I had to rank effort to tangible return I would say easiest to hardest as

3, 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 7

If I had to rank in prioritization of what I wanted devs to work on it would be

3, 4, 5/6, 2, 1, 7

The intention of this thread is to start discussion, and have a place to accumulate ideas for things for IP devs to work on (1-7, 8-.?). The end goal for this discussion for delegates to complete a prioritization ranking all the ideas we have accumulated here so GFX devs know what governance would like to see worked on first.

Thoughts, ideas, comments?