Whats Happening in Governance - June

A monthly forum post to consolidate the proposals, discussions, and voting happening at IP for the month, allowing delegates and the community to easily access and stay informed about IP activities.


Grant Received: Optimism Interest Protocol
GFX Labs has been given a grant by Optimism’s Grants Council. The grant is to reward users that lock OP in their Interest Protocol vault and then delegate. See Post

Eligibility Amendment: Recognized Delegate Program Compensation
Proposal to amend eligibility criteria for monthly rewards, allowing delegates to earn participation/attendance credit if they miss an on-chain vote or community call due to unforeseen circumstances, provided they meet consistent requirements over three months. See Post

Community Call #2
June 27th ( Please check discord events for time in your timezone) - Discord

Discussion topics:

  • Status of velo LP
  • How to implement of OP rewards + restart possible IPt liquidity mining
  • Modifications to eligibility for Recognized Delgate Program

Ohh. I like this. :slight_smile:


I love this format, it would be great to take it out of the forum and onto Twitter as well.

Do you mean post on live proposals on the forum and votes that are up?

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I mean this kind of summary, it would be great to see some activity in X.

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