RiskDAO.org Delegate Platform

RiskDAO.org Delegate Platform

Key Info

Delegate Name: RiskDAO.org, represented by nonstopTheo

Delegate Address: 0xD0Df93fC03a7291e31947F5cC6ef526f5B67B0ea

Forum Handle(s): @nonstoptheo

Alternate Means of Contact:

Discord: @nonstopTheo#4780

Email: info@riskdao.org

External Website (optional): www.riskdao.org

Our Core Values

RiskDAO is here to serve DeFi: We want to see the space grow and flourish and provide valuable insights and tools to make protocols more resilient and trustworthy.

  • Rigorous risk frameworks: RiskDAO members think critically about risk factors and attack vectors of DeFi lending protocols. Among other things, we have developed a bad debt dashboard that sheds light into risk management practices of major lending protocols. We will apply this mindset to each and every governance discussion.
  • Hands-on technical knowledge of the DeFi Protocols: RiskDAO consists of both risk analysts and smart contract developers. Some of the smart contract developers have deep understanding of critical system components of leading DeFi lending protocols and previously spotted flaws in some of these systems.
  • Proactive approach: We think proactively, simulate and analyze potential bugs and exploit vectors before they arise. We don’t want to be called in when it’s too late, but rather point out potential issues before they arise. A recent example is the bug exposure for Moonwell cToken market.
  • Open source & Collaborative: We work in public and publish code and findings accordingly. We employ a highly collaborative approach with protocols and teams.
  • Diverse contributor base: We are an international community of contributors with a diverse skill set and have capabilities in smart contract programming, risk analyses, financial services and governance.
  • Accountability and responsibility: We are fully committed to serving the best interests and needs of protocols, its token holders and community. We want to drive protocol growth, whilst minimizing risks to the protocol.
  • DeFi native: RiskDAO is set up specifically to make users more knowledgeable about how lending markets work, and the risks involved.

Delegate Statement

We consider InterestProtocol (IP) an exciting DeFi primitives and actively want to shape its future direction. We are aware that protocol governance touches on numerous topics and consider ourselves perfectly suited to add substantial insights and benefits to public debate and decision-making processes.

Interest Protocol is innovating on the cutting edge of DeFi. This means there are ample opportunities for growth & adoption which require proper risk-management, however. As a Delegate, RiskDAO will actively assess risk vectors and contribute to IP’s stability. We look at attack vectors from different perspectives and critically challenge governance proposals.

RiskDAO profits from unique insights into DeFi lending and stablecoins, resulting from Delegate positions and previous assignments for other protocols. It gives us an unparalleled perspective concerning risks, stability and system designs.

RiskDAO was created in May 2022 by DeFi protocol B.Protocol and by the research arm of 1kx, as the first DAO fully dedicated to creating open source risk management tools for DeFi. Recently, La Tribu, former contributing dev team of the Tribe DAO also started to contribute to the RiskDAO.

We have grown rapidly as a DAO and are continuously delivering on our core values. This means we have seen an increase in projects & collaborations, onboarded contributors, published more research to generate insights into strong vs weak system designs.

Other contributions to the DeFi ecosystem include:

RiskDAO focuses on protocol-specific risks, primarily to avoid bad debt. Given the increase in cross-chain activity, the risk framework has been broadened to account for risk vectors from cross-chain exposure.

A description of our works is available on our website (www.riskdao.org) and blog (www.medium.com/risk-dao).

We have also recently published our vision statement for active governance involvement.

Operational implementation

RiskDAO’s vote will be coordinated by nonstopTheo who also serves as your point of contact for any questions. We employ strict internal communication processes: All votes will be discussed internally first before published to the public forum. We operate with a 2 of 3 multisig.

Conflicts of Interest

RiskDAO aims to become an active Delegate across DeFi. We do not consider these Delegate-roles to be a conflict of interests but disclose them for full transparency. At the moment, we are a Recognized Delegate at MakerDAO.

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest When They Arise

RiskDAO will pursue an open and direct communication to disclose any conflicts of interests before they arise. In case of ambiguous situations, we will consult with the community/governance facilitators/delegates before taking definitive actions.


Please indicate your monthly activity on your delegate post here.

Here are the requirements for compensation;

Compensation Eligibility:

  • Communicate on the IP forum how and why a delegate voted the way they did within seven days of the close of a vote (minimum 90% of the time) in their dedicated delegate thread.
  • Command voting weight greater than or equal to 1 basis point of the total IPT supply
  • Participate in at least 90% of all on-chain IP votes within the previous 90 days
  • The Recognized Delegate (or one authorized representative if a team or institution) must attend at least one public protocol development call each month.

We have booked the date for the first monthly call for delegates on Feb 10. Please check discord for the event post- which will indicate the meeting in your local time.