Recognized Delegate Program - Monthly Report (Jan)

Monthly Activity Report for Recognized Delegate Program

The IP community passed a proposal for the Recognized Delegates Program on December 18th. Proposal:IP Recognized Delegates Program

Compensation Eligibility:

  • Communicate on the IP forum how and why a delegate voted the way they did within seven days of the close of a vote (minimum 90% of the time) in their dedicated delegate thread.
  • Command voting weight greater than or equal to 1 basis point of the total IPT supply;
  • Participate in at least 90% of all on-chain IP votes within the previous 90 days
  • The Recognized Delegate (or one authorized representative if a team or institution) must attend at least one public protocol development call each month.

Compensation Calculation
Communication and vote participation metrics will use a cumulative average on a rolling window of 120 days (accounting for sickness, leave, or any other lack of activity).

Each Recognized Delegate will be entitled to a monthly compensation of:
y = (0.0989899*x+0.1010101)/12
y = Compensation (in IPT)
x = Lowest total of IPT delegated to address during that calendar month

In the event a delegate utilizes two addresses during the same month (e.g. moving from an EOA to a multisig), the larger of the two addresses will be used for compensation purposes.

(Measurement) To ensure that the recognized delegates have met their responsibilities for compensation, an administrator will

  • Review delegate communication on voting and reasoning ( within the specified timeframe)
  • Record on-chain IP votes by delegates at vote close
  • Note attendance at the public protocol development meeting
  • Provide a summary of these metrics for all Recognized Delegates in a post on the Interest Protocol forum once per month

Below is the information on the delegates and their activity for a month period ( Jan 5- Feb 5); two delegates are eligible for compensation who are IPT Man & Penn Blockchain (FranklinDAO).


*voting weight was measured based on the wallet provided on the delegate page

** Month is calculated from the 5th of the month until the 5th (e.g., Jan 5- Feb 5)


Thanks for putting this together! Where do we confirm our address, the distribution amount, and timeline? Thanks!

Unless otherwise specified, the delegate address will be used. The delegate rewards should be available through the regular UI in the coming days. It’ll be in the same rewards claim area as other rewards.

Got it, thanks Paper