Proposal to Pause Liquidity Mining Rewards July 2023

Based on the consensus reached during yesterday’s community call, it has been determined that liquidity rewards should be proposed until delegation decides to resume.

This proposal suggests an hiatus of TBD duration, commencing from week 56 (estimated around July 31st and concluding upon delegate approval.

During the community call, many intriguing ideas were put forth regarding liquidity distribution and potential partnerships, mostly focusing on the Optimism deployment and Velodrome partnership. It was suggested that rewards remain paused until a plan is fully developed around these ideas and/or interest begins showing in the Discord again.


We agree that this is the right move. Most interested on reintroducing incentives testing on OP once live.

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Support this move until we have a clear proposal for rewards with clear measurement metrics.

Did one of you three need help crafting the proposal for this, or is it still in discussion? If the former, DM me on Discord and I can get you sorted.

@adonis @PGov @IPTMan