Proposal to add WLD as Collateral to Interest Protocol: Optimism

Proposal to add WLD

Proposal to add WLD as a capped collateral to Interest Protocol: Optimism.


WLD is a utility token issued to orb-verified Worldcoin users, and is intended to have governance properties.


Token Address: 0xdC6fF44d5d932Cbd77B52E5612Ba0529DC6226F1 (Optimism)
Capped Token address:
LTV: 60%
Liquidation incentive: 10%
Maximum Cap: 300,000 WLD (~$380,000 market value at time of writing)
Oracle Address:
Primary oracle: Chainlink 0x4e1c6b168dcfd7758bc2ab9d2865f1895813d236
Secondary oracle:
Price deviation: 20%


Market Cap: $162,000,000
Liquidity: $1,000,000 (Uniswap V3 0xD1F1baD4c9E6c44DeC1e9bF3B94902205c5Cd6C3)
Coingecko 7-day avg 24hr volume: $31,900,000
Notable exchanges: Uniswap, Binance, Coinbase, Velodrome

Technical risks

  1. Type of contract: ERC20
  2. Underlying asset: Governance Token
  3. Time: 42 Days Ago (July 19, 2023)
  4. Value:
  5. Privileges:
  6. Upgradability: Yes

Supplemental Information

Parts of Worldcoin operations occur on Optimism, which has encouraged large amounts of WLD to be present on Optimism.

Relevant References

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Would support

While I was a bit skeptical at first, after a bit of digging on my own, WLD seems like a decent collateral - A few big holders on Optimism and an easy integration, and would be another good opportunity to execute another cross-chain proposal

LTV is conservative and If there’s no demand, we can always off-board it afterwards

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