January Update- Recognized Delegate Program

January Update- Recognized Delegate Program

The IP community passed a proposal for the Recognized Delegates Program on December 18th. Proposal:IP Recognized Delegates Program

Compensation Eligibility:

  • Communicate on the IP forum how and why a delegate voted the way they did within seven days of the close of a vote (minimum 90% of the time) in their dedicated delegate thread.
  • Command voting weight greater than or equal to 1 basis point of the total IPT supply;
  • Participate in at least 90% of all on-chain IP votes within the previous 90 days
  • The Recognized Delegate (or one authorized representative if a team or institution) must attend at least one public protocol development call each month.


*voting weight was measured based on the wallet provided on the delegate page

** Month is calculated from the 5th of the month until the 5th (unless the proposal is active on the close date)

Proposals; Interest Protocol

  • Proposal to update oracle for CappedB_stETH_STABLE
  • December Delegate Program Administration Expenses
  • Proposal to Utilize Uniswap V3 Positions as Collateral on the Optimism Deployment of Interest Protocol

Eligible compensated delegates for January

Delegate Voting Weight Met Activity Requirement Payment (IPT)
Diego Ortiz 941,145.06 Yes 7763.66
IPTMan 4,192,919.55 Yes 34588.06
PGOV 881,486.1 Yes 7271.52