IP meeting times - a suggestion

Posting this to garner some discussion regarding live meeting times. I am thinking given the limited number of delegates that it might be beneficial for delegates to post their general availability during week days so the meeting coordinator can pick times that work the best. Lets try to do everything in UTC since I got tired of converting time zones almost a decade ago and set my personal clocks to UTC. My remaining annoyance is DST changes in the US.

Example for me.

I am unavailable from 03:00 UTC to 12:00 UTC week days.
Preference of week days is Tue, Wed, Thur with Monday and Friday being the least available.

Unclear to me whether we should post and edit our changing availability here and/or in our delegate profile. As to weeks where we might be on vacation or unavailable I think that given we can miss 1 of the 2 meetings per month this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Also as one who has missed things due to illness or health issues (which typically are unexpected) I think each delegate should be allowed up to 2 misses a year due to health issues. (this basically works out to a free pass since no-one should be expected to present some doctor note).

If others have different ideas feel free to post here as this post was mostly intended to start a discussion and help facilitate making easy meeting times.

I also suggest that we schedule meetings in at least two distinct 8hr segments during the month to facilitate people in Americas, Europe and Asia being able to attend.

In my case on Mondays and Fridays at 8:00 UTC it is difficult for me to attend due to my regular job.

The rest of the week is easier for me being Tuesday or Thursday perfect to attend.


Noted. We can make them on a Tuesday or Thursday, and we will try to make a time accommodating for most, there’s two so were pretty flexible. @IPTMan do you mean 3pm - 12 am?

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