Gas reimbursement for Active Delegates in USDi


Introduce a gas reimbursement mechanism to incentivize active engagement and foster a more diverse and engaged community of delegates within the Interest Protocol.


The escalating Ethereum gas fees pose a significant impediment to active participation in on-chain governance within the Interest Protocol. Delegates are deterred due to increased costs, hindering the diversity and inclusivity of the protocol’s voter base.


  • Encourages active participation, leading to more informed decision-making.
  • Cultivates a diverse voter base, including various stakeholders and contributors.
  • Retains top delegates, ensuring sustained growth and competitiveness.
  • Maintains a manageable cost structure for delegates.


If implemented we suggest the following procedure:

  • Update the recognized delegate program to include gas rebates for all delegates who have 80%+ voting participation in that month
  • Post updates on gas rebates inside the monthly RDP update
  • Autosend gas rebates to qualified delegates

Next Steps:

  • Initiate the gas reimbursement mechanism in the upcoming quarter.
  • Periodic reviews to assess the effectiveness and adjust the mechanism if necessary.