Diego Ortiz Delegate Platform

Delegate Name: Diego Ortiz
Delegate Address: Saludiego201.eth
Forum Handle: @Saludiego201
Twitter: @Saludiego_201
Discord: Saludiego201#9643
Telegram: @Saludiego201

Delegate Platform or Philosophy:

Core values

  • Communication: Communication and discussion of ideas among different delegates for the future of the protocol is necessary and an important pillar for the decentralization of the protocol.
  • Growth: I see with good eyes the future and development of the protocol, therefore I will do my best from my box to contribute as much as possible.
  • Transparency: I will communicate and reason each of my votes, including the cases in which I abstain from participating.

Delegate Statement:

I am excited to participate in the discussion processes and ideas for IP, it has a concept little studied in DeFi that seems to me highly novel and can be the pioneer in this.

DeFi among its great concepts is innovation, its main engine, therefore I feel IP will be remembered as those protocols that will edit the future of DeFi in a couple of years, it is up to us as delegates to do our best to make it a reality.

My main personal objective is to make IP known to the Latin public, while collaborating with my knowledge of some other DAOs in which I participate.

Conflicts of Interest & Resolution : I participate as a contributor or delegate in other protocols/chains such as Optimism or Arbitrum, in case I have any conflict, I will detail in my voting process abstaining from participating and communicating it to the community.


Tagging @feems for visibility since there’s a new delegate


Please review the eligibility and compensation criteria for the program here: Proposal:IP Recognized Delegates Program
Also, please indicate all activity (voting, meeting attendance) on your delegate page :slight_smile:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

IPT governance proposal 23


The main reason is that I work and collaborate actively in API3, to avoid conflict of interest in my decisions and as I planned in my proposal I abstain.

IPT governance proposal 24


YFI is undoubtedly one of the main promoters of the ecosystem as we have it today, I think this integration could be an eventual integration strategy within its protocol and that could be positive for the future of Interest protocol.

Temperature check on IPT rewards


I think it is good for the protocol to be testing the change of rewards, it is not a secret the low liquidity of the IPT token, I feel this could help us to improve the ideas of how to work on its issuance.