Diego Ortiz Delegate Platform

Delegate Name: Diego Ortiz
Delegate Address: 0xc6510245a3d961746db4883916d2d600e19f4ff3
Forum Handle: @Saludiego201
Twitter: @Saludiego_201
Discord: Saludiego201#9643
Telegram: @Saludiego201

Delegate Platform or Philosophy:

Core values

  • Communication: Communication and discussion of ideas among different delegates for the future of the protocol is necessary and an important pillar for the decentralization of the protocol.
  • Growth: I see with good eyes the future and development of the protocol, therefore I will do my best from my box to contribute as much as possible.
  • Transparency: I will communicate and reason each of my votes, including the cases in which I abstain from participating.

Delegate Statement:

I am excited to participate in the discussion processes and ideas for IP, it has a concept little studied in DeFi that seems to me highly novel and can be the pioneer in this.

DeFi among its great concepts is innovation, its main engine, therefore I feel IP will be remembered as those protocols that will edit the future of DeFi in a couple of years, it is up to us as delegates to do our best to make it a reality.

My main personal objective is to make IP known to the Latin public, while collaborating with my knowledge of some other DAOs in which I participate.

Conflicts of Interest & Resolution : I participate as a contributor or delegate in other protocols/chains such as Optimism or Arbitrum, in case I have any conflict, I will detail in my voting process abstaining from participating and communicating it to the community.


Tagging @feems for visibility since there’s a new delegate


Please review the eligibility and compensation criteria for the program here: Proposal:IP Recognized Delegates Program
Also, please indicate all activity (voting, meeting attendance) on your delegate page :slight_smile:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

IPT governance proposal 23


The main reason is that I work and collaborate actively in API3, to avoid conflict of interest in my decisions and as I planned in my proposal I abstain.

IPT governance proposal 24


YFI is undoubtedly one of the main promoters of the ecosystem as we have it today, I think this integration could be an eventual integration strategy within its protocol and that could be positive for the future of Interest protocol.

Temperature check on IPT rewards


I think it is good for the protocol to be testing the change of rewards, it is not a secret the low liquidity of the IPT token, I feel this could help us to improve the ideas of how to work on its issuance.

@Saludiego201 could you update your profile to include your wallet address instead of your ens address, I can’t see your weighted voting count

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the inconvenience solved

Proposal to Pause IPT Rewards 2.0 (June 2023)


I think pausing rewards positively impacts IPT, it genuinely seems appropriate to us.

May Delegate Program Administration Expenses


I don’t usually vote in these polls, but after the recent change I’m starting to take them into account, from my point of view they help to get an idea of the development of the month. Thanks, @feems

Proposal to add Balancer BPTs as collateral on IP


Being retroactive between protocols is the basis for lay DeFi, we see Interest Protocol being considered a lender of last resort and would only be possible by maintaining quality guarantees like Balancer LP.

June Delegate Program Administration Expenses


Thank you for spending valuable time on the delegates, I value your work very much. @feems

Proposal to add MKR


There are high expectations for the future of the MKR token, I feel IP is taking the right step by integrating it.

Proposal to list SNX on the Optimism Deployment of Interest Protocol


due to their strong position in the DeFi ecosystem as well as being the pioneers in use cases in Optimism. I believe its inclusion will diversify lending and interest generation options, attracting liquidity and participants to the protocol. Additionally, it will strengthen our relationships with the Synthetix community, mitigate risks by adding more assets, and possibly lead to future collaborations.

July Delegate Program Administration Expenses


In my short experience as a delegate, I thank @paperimperium for giving me the opportunity with my views to put together what will be one of the most important DeFi Legos of the decade.

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August Delegate Program Administration Expenses


Thank you for a second month of being a delegate, I am really excited about this responsibility.

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September Delegate Program Administration Expenses


Thank you for a 3 month of being a delegate, I am really excited about this responsibility.

Proposal to add wOETH


We are in search of the ideal token for IPT, the Origin community seems to me robust, my vote is YES.

October Delegate Program Administration Expenses


Thank you for a 4 month of being a delegate, I am really excited about this responsibility.

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December Delegate Program Administration Expenses


Thank you for a 5 month of being a delegate, Regarding the typo error, we are human and making mistakes is part of it, part of the process, but I don’t see the sense in canceling and re-uploading knowing that it would delay the governance again.

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