DAOplomats Delegate Platform

Delegate Name: DAOplomats
Delegate Address: 0x5762F3074605df17AebE3f5BC8FC7f8702aca752
Forum Handle(s): @jengajojo @0xbaer
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DAOplomats

Our Values:

Objective decision making: We design and implement decision making frameworks which enable us to perform qualitative and quantitate analysis in order to arrive at conclusions

Decentralisation: We believe in a highly distributed power structures and strive to push decision making power to the edges

Positive sum: We strive to make our interactions positive sum whenever possible to allow maximum number of stakeholders to benefit via collaboration

Areas of expertise:
Grant programs, operational frameworks, risk analysis, decentralised governance
Past experience in DAO governance . Our members are active governors in BanklessDAO, 1inchDAO & EulerDAO. We were spun out from BanklessDAO and have the ability to tap into that talent.

Conflicts of Interest:

We are active in governance at several DAOs in the ecosystem


Please indicate your monthly activity on your delegate post here.

Here are the requirements for compensation.

Compensation Eligibility:

  • Communicate on the IP forum how and why a delegate voted the way they did within seven days of the close of a vote (minimum 90% of the time) in their dedicated delegate thread.
  • Command voting weight greater than or equal to 1 basis point of the total IPT supply
  • Participate in at least 90% of all on-chain IP votes within the previous 90 days
  • The Recognized Delegate (or one authorized representative if a team or institution) must attend at least one public protocol development call each month

We have booked the date for the first monthly call for delegates on Feb 10; please check discord for the event post - which will indicate the meeting in your local time.

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Have ‘0’ Voting power, so Cant vote on proposals!
Attending the call on Feb 10 as Baer.eth

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Failed to self delegate the votes in time

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@jengajojo attended Meeting on Friday 29th April 2023


Our votes arent recognised by the UI